"Master Artisan" HOT RAKE Starter Set


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The most versatile tool available for working hot glass in a kiln.

Adjustable length.  Can be assembled as you wish for a 20 inch, 30 inch, or 42 inch long rake

Interchangeable heads.   Quick and easy to switch from a single prong rake to a triple prong rake.  Optional specialty heads will soon be available.

Adjustable heads.   Rake prongs can be adjusted to any angle you want.  Tilt forward to pull towards you and tilt backward to push.   This ensure the prongs won’t dig into the molten glass any deeper than you want them to.

Flat top.   Smooth metal top on the rake heads can be used to trowel molten glass and reduce the possibility of catching in your kiln elements.

Sturdy.  It’s not a thin rod or bar that can easily bend.  Fabricated from heavy duty steel pipe and stainless steel 6mm prongs.   You’d have to work hard to damage this thing.

Starter set includes:

  • 9 inch wood handle
  • 3 – 12 inch steel pipe extensions
  • 1 single prong rake
  • 1 triple prong rake

CLICK HERE for a video on how to use the Hot Rake.

HOTRAKE fully assembled

3 prong rake in pull position 3 prong rake in push position
1 prong rake in pull position 1 prong rake in push position
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