Wholesale Pricing
Victorian Art Glass sells to everyone with no distinction between retail and wholesale.  Prices posted apply equally to every buyer with no purchase qualification required.  Any discounts are based only on quantity and not on whether or not you are a reselling business, a professional artisan or a hobbyist.   All treated the same.  A full sheet of glass is a lower price than a single square foot of glass.   A whole case or whole roll of a product is a lower price than individual units.


Sales Tax - the following sales taxes apply:

Sales in our Victoria BC shop -  7% Provincial Sales Tax + 5% Federal Sales Tax
If you have a BC Resale Sales Tax License -  only the 5% Federal Tax is charged.

Orders shipped to anywhere in BC - both 7% & 5% tax applies.

Orders shipped outside BC to inside Canada - only 5% Federal Sales Tax applies.

Orders shipped outside Canada are charged no taxes.


We do not offer credit accounts. Our method of payment is Visa, Mastercard or bank direct only. If you desire, your credit card number will be kept on file for future shipments. As soon as the order is ready to ship and the shipping cost is established, you will be notified and the total will be charged to your card.