Tired of getting screwed on US orders?

When Canadians buy anything from a US supplier they don’t just pay obscenely high freight costs but also get hit with exorbitant brokerage fees to clear their order through Canada Customs. It’s not uncommon for all those “extras” to almost double the original cost.

We can help.

Victorian Art Glass has a storage facility in Bellingham WA where we can have US source shipments sent to. Tell us what you want and we’ll have it shipped to our warehouse. We’ll bring it into Canada and we’ll do the Customs clearance for you. You can then either pick it up from us in Victoria BC or we’ll ship it to you.

It doesn’t matter what you want to buy or what supplier you want to buy it from. Just ask.

The fee for ordering, transportation to Canada, and customs clearance is:

Cost of order and freight to Bellingham
Plus handling fee 10% of the value of the order
Minimum $20.00

CANUCK CLUB - How It Works

Here’s how it works.   Two options.

      1. Give us a list of what you want and we’ll order it for you.
          We will do this only for the US suppliers we regularly deal with.  

      2. You order it yourself, pay for it yourself and have it shipped to:

            Victorian Art Glass
            c/o U-Haul – Apt 97
            5484 Barrett Rd.
            Ferndale WA  98248
            Tele: 360-733-5555

The invoice MUST made out to Victorian Art Glass
and we MUST have a copy of the invoice before picking the order up.


We can bring up anything you want from any US supplier- whether it’s for glass or for anything else.

If you’re looking for glass art supplies, here’s some suppliers to consider:


Bullseye Glass

D & L Glass
Delphi Glass
Ed Hoys
HIS Glassworks
Northwest Art Glass
Spectrum Glass
Rio Grande
Uroroborus Glass

If you have any questions contact us at or 250-382-9554.

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