About Us

Committed to helping aspiring artisans establish - and established artisans expand.

Victorian Art Glass was created specifically to help glass artisans make a living selling their work. Whether you are just starting off and trying to find ways to start selling your work, or you have been working for many years and want to sell more of your work - we are committed to helping. Victorian Art Glass will work constantly to help artisans create and maintain a healthy self sustaining business. In addition to the best possible prices and service, we will provide an ongoing series of classes and workshops to help artisans improve their glass skills and learn more about the business of selling your work.

Long ago we took the leap from making stained glass as a hobby, to making and selling it as a profession. From the beginning, we always felt that working artisans are orphans in the glass industry. The retailers didn't want us because we fought constantly against paying full retail price - the wholesalers didn't want us because we bought only selective items and didn't buy anywhere near the volume the retail shops did. As artisans, we were homeless orphans. Tolerated but never loved.

Now that our business has grown to where we've been able to build our own home, we've decided to create a place that can adopt all those other homeless orphans. At Victorian Art Glass we promise to make our best effort to provide a loving home to working artisans everywhere.